There are multiple products available in the Hygiene space. Surface cleaners are used to clean surfaces and Surface Disinfectants to disinfect them. A product that has ability to do both – cleaning & disinfection – is called a Surface Disinfectant Cleaner.
It kills (disinfects) & removes (cleans) germs in a single step action.

The difference lies in what the three activities achieve.

  • Cleaning – removes germs, dirt, and other impurities from surfaces, but doesn’t necessarily kill them.
  • Sanitizing – lowers the number of germs on surfaces or objects to a safe level
  • Disinfecting – kills the germs on surfaces or objects.

The three activities form a spectrum with Cleaning at one end & Disinfecting at the other.
The strength to kill germs is the highest in Disinfectants.

There are multiple ways (aka ‘mechanism of action’) in which Disinfectants kill germs. The most common mechanism of action is through neutralization. Disinfectants carry a positive charge while most microbes (bacteria, viruses, fungi, and algae) carry a negative charge on their surfaces. When a disinfectant is applied, the positive charge of the disinfectant neutralizes the negative charge of the microbe. This destroys the cell surface of the microbe and eventually kills it.

The best way to use a Disinfectant is to follow the instructions on the Label. The user instructions allow the user to extract the best performance from the products. Germnix disinfectants are used in a three-step action – Spray, Wait, Wipe.

The WAIT period (or contact time) is the time that the Disinfectant needs to reach & completely kill the germs it is supposed to. It is important to WAIT for a minimum of this time-period before wiping off the disinfectant to allow the disinfectant to be fully effective.

We have to deal with multiple disease-causing germs in the environment – bacteria, viruses, yeast, fungi, mold, mildew etc. Broad spectrum disinfectant products have the ability to kill a wide variety of germs & so are efficacious against multiple species of microbes. In conventional usage (like for use in home, offices, shops etc) where microbes are present, but their identity is not known to us, using a broad-spectrum disinfectant is the safest option.

Surface disinfectants are NOT intended for use on humans. A Surface Disinfectant should NEVER be used as a hand sanitizer. The products best suited for Hand Sanitization are Alcohol based hand rubs.

To the extent that all three products are Disinfectant Cleaners, they are same. The difference is in the ‘active ingredient’ that is responsible for the Disinfection action. Due to the differing properties of the active ingredients, the products differ in efficacy against germs, pH values, minimum contact (kill) times, compatibility with surfaces etc.

Product                 Active Ingredient
Hyperox              Hydrogen Peroxide
Quattro               3rd Generation, Twin Chain Quaternary Ammonium
Quattro Pro5      5th Generation, Twin Chain Quaternary Ammonium

Concentrates are high strength version of the products that are diluted prior to use. Concentrates allow efficient transportation & storage of the disinfectant liquids. The Dilution Ratio Guide suggests appropriate dilution that is most effective for a given application. Using a concentrate allows the user to apply differing strength of the product, for different contamination levels, surfaces and environments

There is no fixed rule of thumb to determine the frequency of disinfection of a surface. It depends largely on the surrounding environment, number of people accessing/touching it & the likely rate of re-contamination. For example, a surface for personal use within a home, may be disinfected once in day while a door handle in a busy office area should be disinfected every few hours. A personal toilet may be disinfected once a day, while a public toilet should ideally be disinfected after every use

Germnix products are disinfectants and NOT STERILIANTS, so they cannot be used to STERILIZE surfaces, equipment, instruments etc. The process of STERILIZATION needs for the products to be effective in killing of some highly resistant microbes like prions, bacterial spores etc. Germnix products do not make that claim and hence are NOT BE USED as solutions for STERILIZATION.

Germnix products are NOT TO BE MIXED with each other, or with other Disinfectants or Cleaners. Our products work the best only when used as instructed. Mixing of differing Disinfectants is NOT RECOMMENDED as it may deteriorate their ability to disinfect. In fact, mixing of two incompatible Disinfectants may lead to potentially dangerous consequences. For example, mixing of Hydrogen Peroxide & Bleach causes a chemical reaction that leads to formation of obnoxious & corrosive fumes

Use of Gloves, protective eye shield, PPE are recommended when using the products, especially during dilution

Germnix Products are

  • to be used for Surface disinfection of hard, porous surfaces
  • to be used as per Label Instructions
  • to be stored in a dry place at a temperature < 30oC
  • to be kept out of reach of children
  • not to be ingested
  • not to be used to disinfect food products or items in direct contact with food
  • not to be used to disinfect Humans or Animals

GERMNIX offers some of the most compelling reasons to product users

Germnix products are

  • formulated by professional microbiologists in conjunction with medical experts
  • manufactured in a GMP Approved manufacturing unit licensed by State FDA
  • tested by Government approved & accredited Testing Laboratories
  • brought to market by an ISO 13485 certified pharmaceutical company
  • made using ingredients that are approved for use as Disinfectants, by international agencies like WHO & CDC USA
  • rapid action products with broad spectrum of efficacy
  • non-toxic, non-inflammable, non-corrosive & biodegradable
  • safe for surfaces, users & environment