Mere regular cleaning of the home is not sufficient. It needs disinfection too.

Periodic disinfection of the house using professional, certified & dependable Surface Disinfectant products is not just desirable, it is a necessity.

Using GERMNIX range of high quality, high performance disinfectant spray & liquids as household disinfectants gives you assured protection & enduring peace of mind.

Germnix products also save you time & additional work as you can combine cleaning & disinfection of surfaces, in one single operation.

It is important to regularly disinfect high traffic, high risk areas like :

  • Door handles & knobs
  • Shoe Racks
  • Areas accessed by Guests
  • Surfaces accessed by visiting Domestic Helps
  • Areas where you receive courier packages & deliveries
  • Toilets

You may choose GERMNIX ready-to-use Trigger Sprays or Disinfectant Wipes. They are convenient to use.

To control your recurring costs, you may choose to dilute the Liquid Concentrates, spray them on disposable tissues & make your own  household disinfectant wipes.

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To ensure safety & health of you family members we recommend the following Cleaning & Disinfection Schedule:
Area/SectionSurfaceSuggested Frequency of CleaningSuggested Frequency of Disinfection
Heavily touched Surfaces (Door Handles, Railings, Knobs, Switches etc.)DailyDaily
Common area accessible to outsiders (Maids, Servants, Drivers, Delivery Boys, Guards etc.)DailyDaily
Surfaces accessed by GuestsDailyDaily
Surfaces accessed by Visiting House HelpDailyDaily
Surfaces accessed by resident House HelpWeeklyDaily
Living & DiningLiving Area FurnitureWeeklyWeekly & After every Guest Visit
CarpetsWeeklyWeekly & After every Guest Visit
Dining Table & ChairsWeeklyDaily
KitchenWorking SurfacesDailyDaily & After every use
Appliances & Gadget Surface (on the outside)WeeklyDaily
Sink & Faucet TapsDailyDaily
Washroom & ToiletsBasins, Bowls & FaucetsDailyDaily & After every use
Appliances & GadgetsWeeklyWeekly
OtherRemote Control & Shared GadgetsDailyDaily
Gym & Exercise EquipmentDailyDaily & After every use
Other Household AppliancesWeeklyWeekly
All Germnix products should be used as directed. For dilution of concentrates, please refer to the Dilution Ratio Guide