Stores, Malls & Shopping Complexes are the busiest areas with the highest footfalls. They are also at the highest risk of attracting & spreading infection.

For customers & visitors to feel safe, it is important that the shop/store/mall is adequately disinfected using the most appropriate disinfectant spray for stores

GERMNIX products Disinfectant Sprays, Disinfectant Wet Wipes & Disinfectant Concentrates for Malls & Stores are easy to use, single step cleaner & disinfectants. Disinfection of large areas by using an Atomizing Fogger Machine ensures that the disinfectant covers the remotest of corners of the store/mall.

All frequently touched & accessed surfaces in a shopping complex should be repeatedly disinfected:

  • Door handles & knobs
  • Staircase railings
  • Lifts & Elevators
  • Merchandise racks
  • Warehouse & storage
  • Meeting Points & Gathering Hotspots
  • Toilets

GERMNIX products are compatible with a variety of surfaces like Steel, Glass, Plastic, Rubber & Wooden and disinfect these surfaces without risk of discolouring, disfiguring or corrosion.

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To ensure safety & health of your customers & employees we recommend the following Cleaning & Disinfection Schedule:
Area/SectionSurfaceSuggested Frequency of CleaningSuggested Frequency of Disinfection
Mall Common Area FloorsDailyBased on Footfall At least 3 times a Day
Parking AreaDailyDaily
Heavily touched Surfaces (Door Handles, Staircase Railings, Knobs, Switches etc.)DailyBased on Customer Traffic At least 3 times a Day
Common area Surfaces (Lobby, Guard Room)Daily3 times a Day
Xray Scanners, Metal DetectorsDailyBased on Customer Traffic At least 3 times a Day
Peripheral Area, Generator Room, Meter Room, Utility Bay etc.DailyEvery Shift
Worker Change Room, LockersDailyEvery Shift
Lift & ElevatorsDaily3 times per Shift
Product Shelves & DisplaysDailyDaily
FloorDailyEvery Hour
Billing Counters, Working SurfacesDaily3 times a Day
Computers, PeripheralsDaily3 times a Day
POS, Credit Card MachinesDailyAfter every use
Customer Seating AreaDailyEvery Hour
Customer Experience ZoneDailyAfter every use
Trial RoomsDailyAfter every use
Product Storage AreaDailyDaily
Washroom & ToiletsBasins, Bowls & FaucetsDailyEvery Hour
Appliances & GadgetsDailyEvery Hour
All Germnix products should be used as directed. For dilution of concentrates, please refer to the Dilution Ratio Guide