The office is a place where we spend a major part of our waking hours.

The infection risk profile of an office is naturally higher since multiple people, from diverse locations, congregate every day. This risk is further heightened in an office that has lot of public interaction.

Daily disinfection of offices is both, necessary & prudent. It is important for protecting the office staff, and thereby the organization.

For work surfaces, tables, chairs etc we recommend using GERMNIX surface disinfectant spray for offices or the convenient office disinfectant wipes.  For use over large areas/surfaces using a diluted version of the Disinfectant Concentrate is highly economical, and strongly recommended.

It is extremely critical to accord proper emphasis to disinfect heavily accessed & frequented areas like:

  • Lobbies & Stairways
  • Lifts & Elevators
  • Visitor Areas
  • Conference & meeting rooms
  • Shared Gadgets – Photocopiers, Vending Machines
  • Lunchroom & common areas
  • Toilets
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To ensure safety & health of your employees we recommend the following Cleaning & Disinfection Schedule:
Area/SectionSurfaceSuggested Frequency of CleaningSuggested Frequency of Disinfection
Common AreaFloorsDaily3 times a Day
Heavily touched Surfaces (Door Handles, Railings, Knobs, Switches etc.)Daily3 times a Day
Common area accessible to outsiders (Maids, Servants, Drivers, Delivery Boys, Guards etc.)Daily3 times a Day
Lift & ElevatorsDaily3 times a Day
Work Area / CabinsWorking SurfacesDaily3 times a Day
Computers, PeripheralsDailyDaily
Seats, Furniture & FixturesDailyDaily
Shared Gadgets – Copiers, Fax Machines Daily 3 times a Day
Conference/ Meeting RoomsWorking SurfacesDailyDaily & After every use
SeatsDailyDaily & After every use
Equipment – TV, Computers, ProjectorsDailyDaily
Shared Gadgets – Keyboards, Remote Controllers, Pointers, Markers, DustersDailyDaily & After every use
Kitchen/Pantry, Lunch Area & CafeteriaWater, Tea/Coffee Dispensing UnitsDaily3 times a Day
Tables & Seating AreaDailyDaily & After use
Working SurfacesDaily3 times a Day
Appliances & Gadget Surface (on the outside)WeeklyDaily & After every use
Sink & Faucet TapsDailyDaily
Clubs & GymnasiumFurnitureDailyDaily & After every use
CarpetsWeeklyDaily & After every use
Gym & Exercise EquipmentDailyDaily & After every use
Change room & LockersDailyDaily & After every use
Washroom & ToiletsBasins, Bowls & FaucetsDailyDaily & After every use
Appliances & GadgetsDailyDaily
All Germnix products should be used as directed. For dilution of concentrates, please refer to the Dilution Ratio Guide