Residential communities and societies are an extension of our homes.

Since the common areas & utilities in a Society are used by large number of people, many of them non-residents, the cleaning & disinfection of our residential communities is as important as disinfecting our homes.

For disinfecting smaller surfaces, you could easily use Trigger Sprays or Disinfectant Wipes. However, for large community areas, we suggest diluting GERMNIX Disinfectant Concentrate and spraying it using mechanical or electrical fogging machines.

Using the community disinfectant spray machines, large areas within the society can be quickly and effectively covered. The housekeeping staff will love the convenience of cleaning & disinfecting the premises, in a single step operation.

Special focus and care should be taken during disinfection of high access, high risk areas like :

  • Lobbies & Stairways
  • Lifts & Elevators
  • RWA Office
  • Club House & Community Centre
  • Slides, swings, play equipment used by children
  • Benches & outdoor seating
  • Garbage chutes & collection area
  • Common Toilets
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To ensure safety & health of your resident members & service providers we recommend the following Cleaning & Disinfection Schedule:
Area/SectionSurfaceSuggested Frequency of CleaningSuggested Frequency of Disinfection
Common AreaFloorsDailyDaily
Heavily touched Surfaces (Door Handles, Railings, Knobs, Switches etc.)DailyDaily
Common area accessible to outsiders (Maids, Servants, Drivers, Delivery Boys, Guards etc.)DailyDaily
Lift & ElevatorsDailyDaily
OfficeWorking SurfacesDaily3 times a Day
Computers & PeripheralsDailyDaily
Furniture & FixturesWeeklyDaily
Playground & Parks Benches & Shared Sitting PlacesDailyDaily
Swings, Slides & Other EquipmentDailyDaily & After every use
Clubs & Gymnasium FurnitureDailyDaily & After every use
Gym & Exercise EquipmentDailyDaily & After every use
Change room & LockersDailyDaily & After every use
Washroom & Toilets Basins, Bowls & FaucetsDailyDaily & After every use
Appliances & GadgetsDailyDaily
All Germnix products should be used as directed. For dilution of concentrates, please refer to the Dilution Ratio Guide