Disinfection of schools poses a unique challenge. A large number of students – coming from varied locations – and staying confined in closed rooms for long hours, geometrically increases the risks of attracting infection & further cross contamination.

The best course of action for disinfection of schools is to attack the possible sources of infection, at source. But just about any disinfectant will not do the job.

Many school children are beset with issues like allergies, asthma etc & the disinfected area they are exposed to has to be free of allergens & residue that may invite breathing disorders.

Germnix Disinfectant Spray & Disinfectant Wipes for Schools are the safest disinfectants available in India. While the products are lethal for pathogen, they are safe for surfaces & for humans. The products are biocompatible & environment friendly.

The disinfectants work quickly and are effective for a long time, so requirement for repeated disinfection is far less. A single step disinfection & cleaning is definitely an added plus.

For protection of the students & the staff it is important that the following school area be most carefully disinfected:

  • School Buses
  • Classrooms
  • Reception & Offices
  • Libraries & Staff Room
  • Dining Area
  • Assembly & Common Areas
  • Lifts & Elevators
  • Door handles & knobs
  • Staircase railings
  • Toilets
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To ensure safety & health of your students & employees we recommend the following Cleaning & Disinfection Schedule:
Area/SectionSurfaceSuggested Frequency of CleaningSuggested Frequency of Disinfection
School Common Areas FloorsDailyAt least 3 times a Day
Heavily touched Surfaces (Door Handles, Staircase Railings, Knobs, Switches etc.)DailyAt least 3 times a Day
Peripheral Area, Generator Room, Meter Room, Utility Bay etc.DailyAt least 3 times a Day
Employee Change Room, LockersDailyDaily
Lift & ElevatorsDailyAt least 3 times a Day
Student LockersDailyDaily
Student Desk, SeatDailyDaily
Teacher Table, SeatDailyDaily
Computers, Peripherals, GadgetsDailyDaily
Office Area/ CabinsWorking SurfacesDaily3 times a Day
Computers, PeripheralsDailyDaily
Seats, Furniture & FixturesDailyDaily
Shared Gadgets – Copiers, Fax MachinesDaily3 times a Day
Conference/ Meeting RoomsWorking SurfacesDailyDaily & After every use
SeatsDailyDaily & After every use
Shared Gadgets – Copiers, Fax MachinesDailyDaily & After every use
Equipment – TV, Computers, ProjectorsDailyDaily
Labs, Activity RoomWorking SurfacesDailyAfter every Batch
Computers, PeripheralsDailyAfter every Batch
Seats, Furniture & FixturesDailyAfter every Batch
Equipment & InstrumentsDailyAfter every Batch
LibraryWorking SurfacesDaily3 times a Day
Computers, PeripheralsDaily3 times a Day
Seats, TablesDaily3 times a Day
Shelves & Display RacksDailyDaily
Auditorium/ HallsStageDailyDaily
SeatingDailyAfter every use
Green RoomDailyAfter every use
Control RoomDailyDaily
Washroom & ToiletsBasins, Bowls & FaucetsDailyEvery Working Hour
Appliances & GadgetsDailyEvery Working Hour
All Germnix products should be used as directed. For dilution of concentrates, please refer to the Dilution Ratio Guide