Disinfectant Cleaner – Advantages of using a Concentrate

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Most Multi Surface Disinfectant Cleaner are available as Ready to Use (RTU) solutions or as Concentrates. The concentrated solution is to be diluted before use.

RTU or a concentrate is, one of the factors to consider while selecting the most effective Disinfectant Cleaner.

Considering the additional effort required for diluting the solution, is there any advantages of using a Concentrate?

The short answer is, yes! Especially in situations where the benefits of using the concentrate outweighs the inconvenience of effort.

Let us evaluate all such situations.

You should definitely consider using a Disinfectant Concentrate if:

High Quantity Use

If you are using a high quantity of disinfecting solution – for eg in setups like office, factory, shop, hospital, school etc – using a concentrate & diluting it before use is very economical.

For general use (like disinfection & cleaning of hard surfaces, furniture, floors, walls, kitchens & toilets etc), Germnix Concentrate products are to be diluted in the ratio of 1:200 or 1:100 before use.

In other words,

Dilution is easy

The dilution process requires additional time & some attention. For optimum efficacy, it is important to exactly follow the dilution instructions provided by the manufacturer.

So, if you can afford to devote the time yourself (or can depute someone reliable to do it for you) diluting a concentrated solution is a more economical option.

Using a concentrate is 20-50 times more economical than
using a ready-to-use (RTU) solution.

Now, that is a substantial saving, isn’t it ??

Use in differing conditions

If you plan to use the same disinfectant cleaner in different conditions/surfaces, it is better to use a concentrate.

Different surfaces & germ loads can be disinfected by using varied dilutions of the same concentrate.

For Germnix products, the suggested dilution ratio guide, will further highlight this point.

When you use a Disinfectant in a concentrate form, you can dilute it to different concentrations as per use conditions (kind of surface, type & quantity of germs expected, rate of probable re-infection etc).

This is obviously not possible with a pre diluted RTU. For eg. you can never increase the concentration of RTU.

So, to summarize, the use of Disinfectant Cleaner in Concentrate form is highly recommended when

  • Use quantity is high
  • Careful dilution is easy to achieve
  • Surface or use conditions differ

All Germnix products are available as Concentrates. When used as indicated, using a concentrate instead of RTU, will substantially reduce your cost of disinfection.

Happy saving!!

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