Disinfectant Spray – Gas or No Gas ??

Surface Disinfectant Spray are now available in multiple presentations.

The two most popular Disinfectant Spray types available in the market are:

  • With Gas – Aerosol Spray Cans
  • No Gas – Trigger Spray Bottles

So, which one works better?

Well, effectiveness of the Spray does not depend on its presentation.

Whether your disinfectant is packed in an Aerosol (Gas) Spray Can or a simple Trigger Spray (no gas) Bottle, it does not impact the efficacy of the spray.

The major difference between the two is the amount of disinfectant delivered in a fixed amount of solution sprayed on a surface.

Gas based aerosol cans contain, well you guessed it, a liquid gas that is used as a propellant. The propellant is not a disinfectant.

It’s role is to exert pressure on the Disinfectant fluid and push it out of the can when you press the release valve. Once released, the liquid propellant becomes gas and helps break the product in a fine mist.

Fig A. How Aerosol Cans Work

In most aerosol sprays, the propellant is around 30% of the product volume. The rest being the disinfectant liquid. With each spray of a fixed volume you are delivering around 70% disinfectant.

The Trigger Spray Bottle, on the other hand, delivers 100% disinfectant liquid.

The pumping action of the mechanical Spray Gun creates the pressure to drive the liquid out of the bottle. The size of the nozzle tip breaks the liquid into small droplets, forming a mist.

how trigger spray bottles work

Since, there is no propellant gas involved, the sprayed liquid is all disinfectant.

The other difference is convenience.

Gas based aerosol sprays are generally small, easy to carry cans. Using them does not require much effort. Trigger Spray bottles are larger and the spray mechanism requires a more laborious pressing action by hands.

So, naturally, Disinfectant Spray Service Near Me (like the popular Savlon or Dettol alcohol based disinfectant spray) which are more convenient to use, charge a premium for the convenience. They are more expensive than simple Trigger Sprays.

Also, add to this the earlier concept that the Aerosol Sprays only deliver up to 70% disinfectant (remember, 30% is gas), the cost economics skew further. With some degree of approximation, the equation looks something like this:

1 Trigger Spray (500ml) = 4 Aerosol Can (180g)

When it comes to using Disinfectant Sprays at Home or in Office, you can make your purchase based on this classic cost vs convenience decision.

Happy Buying!!

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