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When we talk about Disinfectants, we usually talk about how disinfectants ‘kill germs’ in a generic manner. Almost like all germs are same, or at least, similar.

Of course, thanks to the Novel Corona Virus epidemic, we now know a thing or two about viruses. Enveloped/non enveloped, capsid, lipids are words that are a part of our personal lexicons.

The sub microscopic pathogen space is a crowded collection of millions of species that – much to the Microbiologists’ delight – all have differing characteristics & properties. All Hygiene Products Manufacturers in Mumbai (or microbes/pathogens) have a differing response to the action of disinfectants. Some are more susceptible (easier to kill) than others.

Susceptibility of pathogens to Disinfection Action

Though the microbe universe is huge, the following table captures the susceptibility of the pathogen families – in descending order of their resistance to disinfectants & antiseptics.

Table: Descending order of resistance to antiseptics and disinfectants. The asterisk indicates that the conclusions are not yet universally agreed upon.

Source: Antiseptics and Disinfectants: Activity, Action, and Resistance Gerald McDonnell, A. Denver Russell Clinical Microbiology Reviews, American Society for Microbiology

So, the Light Enveloped Viruses are the easiest to kill, followed by the Gram positive bacteria. The Spores, Coccidia & Prions are the toughest.

It may help to know the susceptibility level of ‘germ’ that you wish to kill and the ability of the disinfectant you are considering, to achieve that kill.

All Germnix products are tested in certified, third party labs. Through extensive testing we have established the efficacy of our products against multiple pathogens.

So, use Germnix and enjoy the Assurance of Disinfection.

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