Two-Step Disinfection Process
& why two is better than one?

How do you disinfect your hard surfaces? Floors, Walls, Door Handles, Tabletops, Furniture, etc??

Surface disinfection usually comprises of two distinct activities – cleaning & disinfection – both achieving different objectives.

As per the Centre for Disease Control & Protection (CDC), USA

  • Cleaning – removes germs, dirt, and other impurities from surfaces
  • Disinfecting – kills the germs on surfaces or objects

The CDC recommends that disinfection should ideally be a two-step activity

Step 1 – Cleaning of Surface
Step 2 – Disinfection of Surface

Germnix products are surface disinfectant spray online India, that provide both actions – cleaning & disinfection.

While both actions can be achieved in one single step (One Step Disinfection) using our products, we support the recommendation of the CDC, to follow a Two-Step Disinfection Process.

So, why follow a two-step process, you may wonder?

Here’s why:
As per a publication on the website of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):

Clean first before you disinfect. Germs can hide underneath dirt and other material on surfaces where they are not affected by the disinfectant. Dirt and organic material can also reduce the germ-killing ability of some Disinfectant Wipes for Coronavirus.

Chemical disinfectants work best if surfaces have been thoroughly cleaned first to remove grease and other dirt. While most germs can be removed using a one-step cleaner-disinfectant, use the two-step process to be completely sure.

For grease & moist stains, clean the surface thoroughly with water and wipes/mops. For dry dust, cleaning using simple dusting may be considered.

So, get the best performance from your disinfectants by following the two step disinfection process even while using Germnix Disinfectant Cleaners.

After all, two is better than one.

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