What is an Ideal
Disinfectant ??

With so many different Surface Disinfectant for Corona products available in the market, how do you choose the one that works best?

We decided to look for recommendations from an independent, respected, external agency. Our search ended at this page on the website of the Centre for Disease Control & Protection (CDC), USA

As per the CDC, the properties of an ideal surface disinfectant are:
  • Broad spectrum: should have a wide antimicrobial spectrum
  • Fast acting: should produce a rapid kill
  • Not affected by environmental factors: should be active in the
    presence of organic matter (e.g., blood, sputum, faeces) and compatible
    with soaps, detergents, and other chemicals encountered in use
  • Non-toxic: should not be harmful to the user or patient
  • Surface compatibility: should not corrode instruments and metallic
    surfaces and should not cause the deterioration of cloth, rubber,
    plastics, and other materials
  • Residual effect on treated surfaces: should leave an antimicrobial film on the treated surface
  • Easy to use with clear label directions
  • Odourless: should have a pleasant odour or no odour, to facilitate its routine use
  • Economical: should not be prohibitively high in cost
  • Solubility: should be soluble in water
  • Stability: should be stable in concentrate and use-dilution
  • Cleaner: should have good cleaning properties
  • Environmentally friendly: should not damage the environment on disposal
Germnix products have all the properties listed above. We comply fully with

the recommendations of one of the most respected health authorities.

So, for your disinfection needs you need not look any further,

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